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 In 1279 the following inquisition occurs:-

Sheepy Magna is in the fee of Ferrers, and is held by Richard Harcourt for a third part of one knight’s fee of Geoffrey de Camvile, and Geoffrey of the earl Ferrers, and the earl of the king. Richard Harcourt holds one cottage with the advowson of a mediety of the church. He has no villeins, nor warren, nor chase, but  has royalty of the village of Mythe.

 William Burdet holds one carucate of hand in demesne, and has free fishing in Sheepy and a mediety of the same church.  In villeinage, 7 virgates of land, which 7 villeins hold. In free tenure, 31/2  virgates of land, which 4 free tenants hold.

 Geoffrey (de Sheepy) holds in the same 1 1/2 virgates of land and a watermill of the said William Burdet. 2 free tenants hold 2 virgates of land of the said William. And the said William holds all his said tenement in free scutage of John le Brun and John of Nicholas de Peuver, and Nicholas of Richard de Harecourt.

The prior of Ranton (Abbey, Staffordshire) holds 9 virgates of land in villeinage, which 9 villeins hold, and the said prior holds of Richard de Harcourt in free and perpetual alms.

Geoffrey (de Sheepy) holds in the same I 1/2 virgates of land and a moiety of a watermill in demense of Richard Harcourt

William de Sheepy and 4 free tenants hold 3 virgates of hand in demesne, of which one is held of the lady of Mythe, one of Henry le Walleis and Richard Shageline, and one of Thomas Molisels.

The abbot of Merevale holds one meadow freely of Richard Shageline in perpetual alms.

Thomas Turgys holds one virgate and a half of land of Richard de Harcourt

 Sheepy Parva is of the fee of Winton. Richard Temple holds in demesne there 5 virgates of hand and a watermill In villeinage 2 virgates of land which 3 villeins hold. In free tenure 12 virgates which 4 free tenants hold. Richard has the said holding of Thomas de Camvile of Sekendon, by scutage and service of half a knight’s fee, and the said Thomas holds of the heirs of Winton, and the heirs of Winton of the king. The said heirs nevertheless have a view of frankpledge and royalty.















Analysis of 1279 Inquisition

Sheepy Magna

Main Property Holders Free Holders Villiens Total Acres
Richard Harcourt 1 Cottage, Mediety and Lordship of Mythe          
William Burdet 120 Acres, Mediety     7 210 acres 330 
Geoffrey de Sheepy 45 Acres, Watermill 2 60 Acres     105
Ranton Abbey       9 360 Acres 360
William de Sheepy   4 90 Acres     90
Merevale Abbey 1 Meadow          
Thomas Turgys 45 Acres         45

Total Arable Land   

 930 Acres   

Total Resident Households   


Sheepy Parva

Main Property Holders Free Holders Villiens Total Acres
Richard Temple 150 acres, Watermill 4 360 3 60 570 

Total Arable Land   

 570 Acres   

Total Resident Households   



















Poll Tax 1327


John Burdet

2s Margery de Temple 2s
Richard Burdet 6s Henry de Tokey 2s
Richard Turgys 3s William Tokey 2s
Geoffrey Hulle 5s John Gamel 2s
John son of Geoffrey 6s Richard de Naylleston 2s
Robert Sewale 2s
Richard Sewale 4s
John son William 4s
John Orme 2s

















Poll Tax 1332


Robert Burdet

4s Margery de Temple 3s
Richard Greet 3s Henry le Reve 2s
William Daldestre 2s William Tokey 3s
Geoffrey Olbe 3s Robert Danyel 3s
Richard Burdet 3s 4d Richard de Naylleston 2s
Robert Sewale 2s
John son Geoffrey 2s
John son William 2s
John Horm 4s 4d
John Atte Townshende 2s
William de Scole 4s 2d
















Poll Tax 1377

Sheepy Magna (read down table) tax 4d unless stated

Richard Toky and Wife     Richard Sprady and wife petit marchand
John his son   Robert Ardern and wife  
John Taxer and wife   John Pykard and wife   
William Cateby and wife   Robert Lewse and wife  
John Har and wife   William Clerk and wife  
Henry Appellford and wife   Robert Webster and wife  
Richard Smith and wife   Richard Couper and wife  
Roger Danyel and wife   Richard Henry and wife   
Richard Cook and wife   William atte Townshend and wife   
William Carter and wife   John Couper  
William Michel and wife   John de Gylusdon  
Benedict Garlooker and wife   Richard Turgeys  
William Barewell and wife   William Trump  
John Oxsale and wife   Henry (on his own) socius suus
Thomas Kateby and wife   Thomas Brachet  
William Pykard and wife   Henry o' the Tempal  
John Burdet and wife Esquier 40d Thomas Danyel  
William de Shepey petit Franklin 12d Nicholas Sewale  and wife  
John Gylusdon and wife  

Sheepy Parva (read down table) all taxed at 4d

John Toky and wife     William Knut  
John Reve and wife   Nicholas son of Ellen and wife  
William Nicholas his man Nicholas son of John and wife  
John Denyel and wife    Alice maid of Nicholas  
Peter de Crudworth   Joan daughter of Walter  
William Faldel and wife   Christine Bonde  
Henry de London and wife      

therefore Sheepy Magna therefore has about 27+  Households and Sheepy Parva 7+ 

















Lay Subsidy 1571

Sheepy Magna and Sheepy Parva
Name How Assessed Value Tax Paid

Robert Vincent

in goods

£4 6s 8d
Nicholas Hawle in lands 20s 2s 8d
Thomas Poultney in goods £6 10s
Robert Pycard

in goods

£5 8s 4d

TOTAL 27s 8d
















Lay Subsidy 1664. (Hearth Tax)

(As Taken from Collectors book All households listed whether exempt or not)

Sheepy Magna
William Arnold 1 Roger Clarke 1
William Wilson 1 Thomas Holt 1
Richard Gobbitt 1 John Swaine 1
Mr. George Vincent 8 Thomas Langley 1
August Thurman 1 John Oulner
Thomas Martin lSimon Jobbitt 2
Mr. Gregory Kent(clerk) 6 Elisabeth Ball 1
John Harrison 1 Katherine Orton 1
William Nutt 1 Thomas Pulteney 1
Ann Bankes 1 Thomas Orton 1
Richard Pulteney 1 Thomas Levinge (jnr) 5
Thomas Bowne 1 Mr. Thomas Levinge(snr) 6
William Shilton 1 William Naylor 1
Thomas Barwell 1 William Oliver 1
Henry Bowne 1 William Vincent 1
Edward Wigley 1 Richard Banks 1
Richard Davie 1 William Toone 1
Thomas Roe 1 Richard Wilson 1
Francis Ball 1 Richard Array Clerk 
the north parsonage house 3 hearths 1 stove
Robert Storer 1


Sheepy Parva
John Owen 1 Elizabeth Ball 1
William Read 1 Thomas Tookey 4
Benjamin Payne 1 William Richard 1
Edward Heming 1 Thomas Gilbert 1
Richard Bowne 1 William Batch 1
Gilbert Norton? 10    

The Mythe and Newhouse Grange (extra parochial)
The Mythe (not formally returned) Thomas Bailey Gent 8
Newhouse Grange And Pinwell (parish of Merevale) Stephen Halford Esq. 11
John Mason? 2
















Lay Subsidy 1666. (Hearth Tax)

(NB No Paupers of exempt households listed)

Sheepy Magna 
William Arnold 1 John Clarke 1
William Wilson 1 Thomas Holt 1
Richard Gobbitt 2 John Swaine 2
Mr. George Vincent 7 Thomas Lauley 1
August Thurman 2 John Oulner 1 (building)
Thomas Martin 1 (new built) Mr. William Danell 1
Mr. Gregory Kent 6 Elisabeth Ball 2
John Harrison 1 Katherine Orton 1
William Nutt 1 Thomas Pulteney 1
Ann Bankes 1 Thomas Orton 1
Richard Pulteney 1 Mr. Richard Geary 4
Thomas Bowne 1 Mr. Thomas Levinge 6
Francis Ball 1 William Toone 2
Robert Storer 2 Richard Davie 1
Simon Jobbitt 2







Extra Parochial pre 1885

Extra Parochial farms transferred to Sheepy Parish in 1885 previously in the parish of Merevale. Detail from 1851 and 1881 census data.

Farm Acres Notes
Pinwall Grange 211 (acres from 1851) Pinnals
Benn Hill 230 Berne Hills in 1881 transcription
Moor Barn 333  
Frog Hall 68  
High Fields 83  
Lea Grange 230 In Twycross Not Sheepy 














Poor Law Records

Sheepy is lucky in having a good set of surviving poor law records deposited in the Leicestershire County Records office. They comprise of :-


Bastardy Orders and Warrants


Settlement Examinations


Settlement Certificates


Removal Orders


Apprentice Indentures

As many of these records are interrelated I have found it useful to provide a combined index to access the files. Please note that if anyone you are researching appears on the Examination file then it would be interesting to access the original as I have only extracted the bare minimum from these examinations. The originals in many cases contain a work history from the time the person left home. The is also deposited a contemporary Parish Relief Account book. This gives a fascinating insight into the way Sheepy Magna looked after it's inhabitants if they fell on hard times.

Click here to access the index.