Mother Sex of Child Father Details Date of Order
Surname Forename Surname Forename
Arnold Elizabeth F Smith John John Smith of Ansley 2s 6d per week and 1 10s for lying in
Child born 4 Dec 1813
NB 2 10s collected on 15 may 1813
07 January 1814
Cope Jane?Jone F Wykes John Order of 2s 6d per week 19 April 1814
Harrison Sarah M unknown
Male bastard child born 19 Sept in Carlton by Bosworth Demand from Ratcliffe Culey to Carlton for 1s 6d per week and 1 4s to cover expenditure incurred 19 September 1828
Holmes Dorothy ? West Thomas Constables warrant issued whereabouts unknown 13 May 1791
Litherland Sarah M Loward Alias Lowry John John Lowry alias Loward of St Warbuys? DBY FWK 2 16s lying in 1s 9d per week maintenance
Child born 1 May at Bolstridges
02 June 1824
Parker Ann F Patrick James James Patrick of Church Greasley DBY 1s 6d per week maintenance 2 2s 6d Lying In. child born 4 July 04 August 1823
Parker Ann F Cooper John Child born Nov 22 1831 at her uncles house.
John Cooper of Packington Stonemason 1s 6d per week maintenance
27 December 1831
Tebbit Ann F Orme Thomas 3s per week maintenance and 2 5s lying in. Child born 2 June

Constables Warrant Issued 7 July 1822
Thomas Orme Farmer of Daddlington Three Shillings a Week Maintenance.
Warrant issued as he has defaulted owing 8 10s whereabouts not known
07 July 1820