Surname Forename Spouse age NB Abstract of Examination Date of Examination
Abell Francis

Born Sheepy Magna where his parents were legally settled. Married for 17 years at sheepy wife died leaving 6 children 6 years later worked at Ratcliffe Culey for 3 years he resided at Sheepy Magna under a certificate from Sibson. His daughter Elizabeth placed from Sibson to Wellesborough 14 March 1780
Clare William
William Clare Singleman aged about 20. Left Ratcliffe Culey about 11 years ago where his father had a legal settlement. Worked at various places but not aquiring legal settlement anywhere until hired by John Farmer of Ratcliffe Culey. 26 October 1779
Cooper William jnr Ann

Born Ratcliffe Culey father still alive.
Married Ann at Badgley (Baddesley; WAR) two children Mary age 2 and Ann 9 months
19 September 1808
Deeman Samuel
48 Not Dated Date assigned to removal order Samuel Deeman was examined on behalf of his daughter Elizabeth who was in Birmingham Workhouse and was to ill to be examined.
Samuel was born in Wilnecote STS but his parents Thomas and Sarah (now both dead belonged) to Ratcliffe Culey. Married his first wife Margaret (deceased) at Tamworth had 2 children Elizabeth and Samuel now 11 . Married his second wife Margaret at Coventry St Michaels and had another child now 9 months. Elizabeth his daughter became hill so he brought her back to Ratcliffe Culey but Mr Bacon the Overseer sent her back to Coventry Workhouse with a Note
27 November 1834
Deeming Margaret
38 Not Dated Date assigned to removal order Abandoned by Samuel Deeming of Ratcliffe Culey who she married 5 Years ago in St Michaels Church Coventry his daughter by his first marriage was removed to Ratcliffe Culey in 1835 Margaret had a child 10 years ago in Coventry Workhouse named Mary Ann Wakefield. 10 January 1838
Dowell* John
64 Not Dated Date assigned to removal order John Dowell was examined in respect of his daughter in law, Ann Dowell, who was seeking legal settlement in Ratcliffe Culey.
John Dowell aged 64 son of Joseph Dowell married 40 years ago at Polesworth to Elizabeth his present wife he had 4 children including Richard who is 28 Husband of Ann
19 November 1844
Dowell* Ann

Not Dated Date assigned to removal order Wife of Richard Dowell of 27 Court 3 House Hospital Street Birmingham. Married at St Philip's Birmingham. Her husband was a covict transported for 7 years January 1844. She was pregnant! 19 November 1844
Hunter Ann

Sister of Mary Written in pencil on the back of settlement certificate dated 22 Aug 1767:-
Ann Hunter aged 53 sister of Mary Hunter Pauper left home when young believes she went to live with Mr Thomas Broom of Deptford London. She did not know how long she resided there and has not heard from her for 20 years.
07 May 1828
Leatherland William Elizabeth 32
Now living at Alton but born in Oakthorpe; DBY (now LEI) his father Humphrey Leatherland now resides at Measham; DBY.
He was bound by Austry chaity to Thomas Pemberton of Ratcliffe Culey for 7 years then his master died. He has a wife Elizabeth and 3 Children Sarah 5, William 2 and Joseph 1 all residing at Alton with their father.
16 February 1805
Mathews Charlotte

Not Dated Date assigned to removal order Widow of John Mathews, Shoe Maker, who died 29 July 1840. She was married on Easter Monday 1833 at Ratcliffe Culey formerly Charlotte Taylor. Her father in law George Mathews died 3 years ago.

There are many more family details in this examination call No DE491/5/21
24 April 1840
Masser John
47 Supporting examination attached to Sarah Wheeler John Masser father of Sarah Wheeler son of George and Sarah Masser who lived as man and wife at Ratcliffe. In 1831 George died and the family lived in 1 of 3 houses set asside for Parish Offices. Mother is now 78 years old. He married Jane allsop at Polesworth 16 May 1837 and he believes himself 47 years old or there-abouts. 03 March 1862
Morgan John

Born Erdingale; STS lived there until about 13 years of age worked various places finally at Ratcliffe Culey 06 December 1785
Parker Thomas
Born Repton; DBY where his father and mother resided under a certificate from Ratcliffe Culey. Married at Packington wife now dead. Four Children Simon 5, William 4, George 2, Ann 5 weeks. 08 April 1809
Poultney William

Apprenticed to William Poultney Weaver of Sheepy Magna lived and worked in Ratcliffe Culey 16 April 1791
Wheeler Sarah
26 Not Dated Date assigned to removal order Abandoned by Husband at Liverpool daughter of John Masser and Jane formerly Allsop who were married 16 May 1837 in Ratcliffe Culey. John Masser was the son of George Massrer who died in 1831 and Sarah his wife who is still alive. 03 March 1862
Wheeler Sarah

Copy of Peterborough Examination Married to Alfred Wheeler in Liverpool over two years ago, She was abandoned som 12 moths since. He was said to come from Dublin. 03 May 1862
Wilkins Joseph

Now living at Ratcliffe Culey but born at Appleby; LEI his parents he believes were residing there under a certificate from Newton in the Thistle (Newton Regis). Left home at 12 tears and hired to various masters. Last hiring was to John Baldock of Atterton 18 April 1785
Wood Thomas Mary

Born in Grendon; WAR where his Father Benjamin Wood was legally settled. Married his wife Mary at Polesworth; WAR in June 1807 had one child now dead. 10 September 1808