Surname Forename Spouse NB From To Date Issued Notes
Barracloff Mary

Stoke Golding Ratcliffe Culey 14 November 1808
Cowlishand William Elizabeth
Ratcliffe Culey Stanson; DBY 18 January 1827 Children William and Mary
Deeman Elizabeth

Birmingham; WAR Ratcliffe Culey 27 November 1834 To ill to be moved Removed eventually on 23 Feb 1835 at a charge of 5 16s
Deeming Margaret
wife Samuel Birmingham; WAR Ratcliffe Culey 10 January 1838 Abandoned by Husband
Dowel* William Mary
Ratcliffe Culey Grendon; WAR 02 February 1830 This Removal Order was Cancelled
Dowell* Ann
Wife of Richard (Transported Convict) Birmingham; WAR Ratcliffe Culey 19 November 1844 Pregnant; Formally Green
Harrison Elizabeth
Pregnant Ratcliffe Culey Atherstone; WAR 02 July 1830
Henry John Mary
Ratcliffe Culey Birmingham; WAR 27 January 1825 Laborer
Lod Ann
Widow of William Lenton; DBY Ratcliffe Culey 11 November 1808 And Daughter Mary 18 months
Mason Richard Amey
Ashby de la Zouche Ratcliffe Culey 01 May 1830 Richard 8, John 4
Mathews Charlotte J Widow of John Ratcliffe Culey Higham on the Hill 24 April 1840 George 5, John 3
Neale Thomas Mary
Ibstock Ratcliffe Culey 20 February 1842 Ann 20, Mary 16, Sarah 14, Elizabeth 11, John 8, Thomas 3 y 6 m, Richard 7 m, Catherine (bastard dau Ann) 13m
Overall Ann

Stoke, Coventry, WAR Ratcliffe Culey 13 October 1779 Abandoned by husband Samuel
Parker Eleanor
Single Woman Austrey; WAR Ratcliffe Culey 02 January 1816
Parker Thomas

Austrey; WAR Ratcliffe Culey 15 March 1849 Son Thomas
Pegg Samuel Ellen
Ratcliffe Culey Sibson 15 November 1831 George 8 months at baptism
Poultney William Ann
Rocester; STS Ratcliffe Culey 08 April 1791 Weaver, See examination.
Sharpe William
5 Children Ratcliffe Culey Newark upon Trent; NTT 23 February 1830 William 10, John 8, Thomas 6, Ann 4, Mary 2
Spencer Richard Mary
Ratcliffe Culey Upton 03 November 1835 William 5, Edward 15 months
Taylor William Susannah
Ratcliffe Culey Sibson 15 January 1785
Tonks Mary
Widow Joseph Shottington; WAR Ratcliffe Culey 17 July 1811 William 3 and Maud 3 Months
Tonks Richard

Ratcliffe Culey Hartshill; WAR 21 April 1829
Wheeler Sarah
Wife Alfred Peterborough; CAM Ratcliffe Culey 03 March 1862 Abandoned
Wright Eleanor
Single Woman. Ratcliffe Culey Thorpe Arch; YKS 28 May 1802 Thorpe Arch is midway between York and Leeds