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This page gathers together details of research sources available and their limitations. It does not claim to be a definitive list any suggestions for inclusion are welcome.



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Poor Law

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Parish Records

Parish Registers

The surviving parish registers are deposited an the Records Office For Leicestershire and Rutland under accession number DE 1621. Fiche can be purchased individually from the records office.

Period Contents Notes Fiche
1607 - 1656 CMB Condition poor 1
1659 - 1710 CMB Condition fair to poor 1
1710 - 1740 CMB Condition fair to poor 1
1741 - 1812 C, M [-1753],B Condition fair to good 2
1754 - 1772 Marriages and Banns Very Poor Condition 1
1779 - 1812 Marriages and Banns Condition fair 1
1813 - 1969 Burial Condition Good detail fair 2
1813 - 1837 Marriages Condition Good detail fair 1
1813 - 1865 Baptisms Condition Good detail fair 2
1865 - 1940 Baptisms Condition and deatail good 2










Extra Parochial Area

To the immediate west of Sheepy Magna village there was a large tract of land that had previously been the property of Merevale Abbey. After the dissolution of the monasteries  these lands passed into private hands. They were however regarded as part of the parish of Merevale until annexed to Sheepy Magna in 1885. From early times the gate house Chapel, Church of Our Lady, to Merevale Abbey had assumed the role of parish church times and remains as such to this day. Theoretically residents within the extra parochial area should have used the church for weddings. In practice the more wealthy used Sheepy Magna church but labourers on the farms would tend to use the Merevale parish church especially if both were working in the area to avoid the additional expense. Unfortunately the early registers to 1727 have been lost and the IGI only covers baptisms no weddings. See here for LDS film numbers.



Bishop's Transcripts

Sheepy Magna has Bishops Transcripts for the period 1561 - 1872 with the following years missing. 

1562, 1564 - 69, 1571 -73, 1575, 1577 - 84, 1586 -1604, 1610 -15, 1618 - 20, 1623/4, 1630/1, 1635, 1641 - 59, 1663/4, 1684, 1689, 1696, 1698, 1702/3, 1712/3,  1725, 1731, 1815, 1837 - 41, 1846,  1854 - 1865,

Their condition is good








Poor Law Records

The Records Office For Leicestershire and Rutland has card index of main names mentioned in  the county poor law records i.e. Removal Orders, Settlement Certificates and examinations,  Bastardy bonds and Parish apprentices etc.  This index has been filmed by the LDS (see). The class number the documents for Sheepy are the DE 491 series. 









If you suspect your ancestors of being non - conformists and they were residents of Sheepy the best places to look are Atherstone and possibly Hinckley. There are definitely some Sheepy residents listed in the Independent Chapel North Street's registers notably the Angrave family. The was a small Chapel in Sheepy Magna (now the memorial hall) but as far as I know no registers exist.







Census Data

All Census data 1841 - 1891 is listed under the Atherstone Class Number. The L&RFHS have published an index to the 1851 census (Vol 8) but this is largely redundant as the LDS Tri-Counties CD-ROM covers Sheepy Magna.


The Records Office For Leicestershire and Rutland  has films of all the census data and the LDS film numbers are listed below.







IGI Coverage

Beware, the IGI claims to cover the following dates for baptisms 1561-1584, 1605-1640, 1660-1742  and 1866-1871, but, as it is entirely based on the bishops transcripts there are many years omitted. See Bishop's Transcripts omissions 

Similarly the marriage coverage is claimed as 1561-1763, 1775 and 1787-1836 but the same omissions exist.

The those using the Internet Family Search pages the batch numbers are :-







the same omissions apply.






Civil Registration

Civil registration for Sheepy Magna is Atherstone 
Registration and Census District (1852 - 1946) 6d

Current Address

Warwick House
Ratcliffe Street

Tel +44 (0)1827 713241
Fax +44 (0)1827 720467 (credit cards NOT accepted as at 12th Feb 1997).












Probate records for Sheepy residents prior to 1858 should have been proved at the Leicester Archdeaconry court, however many Sheepy residents of property also held possessions in Warwickshire . It is therefore also wise to check the PCC and Lichfield calendars. For residents in the extra parochial area consult the Peculiar calendars at Lichfield.






LDS Resources

LDS census films


1841 FHL BRITISH Film 438749
1851 p. 199-206 FHL BRITISH Film 87323
1861 FHL BRITISH Film 542933
1871 FHL BRITISH Film 839240
1881 FHL BRITISH Film 1341730
1891 RG 12/2442 (4 fiches) FHL BRITISH Fiche 6097552

LDS Register Films

Sheepy Magna.
Baptisms, and burials,
1561-1584, 1605-1640, 1660-1742  and 1866-1871 Marriages 1561-1763, 1775 and 1787-1836 See for ommissions
FHL BRITISH Film 595768

Unfortunately for overseas researchers the are no LDS films of original registers for Sheepy Magna.

Merevale (extra Parochial)
Baptisms1727-1898, Burials 1727-1812, Marriages 1727 - 1836 
FHL British Film198763
Banns 1824-1876 FHL 563349 item 6
Banns 1876 - 1956 FHL 1067489 item 11







LDS Poor Law Index

Covers all Leicestershire

Abbots - Cufflin FHL BRITISH Film 1517724 Item 2
Cufflin - Nutting FHL BRITISH Film 1517725
Oakes - Zanker (end) FHL BRITISH Film 1517726










The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland
Long Street
Wigston Magna
LE18 2AH

Telephone:- U.K. 0116 257 1080, Overseas +44 116 257 1080
Fax:- U.K. 0116 257 1120, Overseas +44 116 257 1120









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